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Wolves: Defending or Denying Truth

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Come out, come out wherever you are… 

Do you remember that old childhood game of hide and seek?  Well, friend, that game is more popular today than ever – only it is being played in our churches… week after week, month after month, year after year – all to the peril of God’s potential people.  

You see, we have wolves lurking all around us, emissaries of our Enemy who are helping him “search for souls to devour” (1 Peter 5:8)… and their favorite place to find people to feed on is in “spiritual play-grounds” that are created each week under powerless steeples.

Wake up! dear reader… chances are, even now, that you are in the cross-hairs of such a wolf (or pack of wolves).  Ironically,  the wolves will likely pay more attention to this blog section (as a strategic counter-intelligence initiative) than will the sheep and goats that need so desperately to be equipped to fight against them…  

Even so, here too I will seek to use God’s truth in love (Ephesians 4:14-16) to “turn-the-lights-on” the dangerous, shadow-dwelling wolves that tend to do their damnable damage, throwing fiery darts of doubt, distraction, and devilish distortion at people we know and love.   

For my part, I will not here dialogue with the Devil’s minions, nor entrust my time to debating the reality of wolves (Matthew 10:16  and  Acts 20:29), for to do so would play into their resource-draining tactics.  Instead, I will use this platform to highlight and expose “wolf-sightings” in and throughout our culture.  Where and when, for example, Joel Osteen, the Pope, prosperity pimping pulpits, self-righteous legalists, or other Bible-distorting individuals and organizations intentionally put forth a false gospel – or other dangerous distortions – that lead souls away from the one true gospel of Jesus Christ, I will call it out per my responsibility as a Christ-follower (see Titus 1:11-16  and  Ezekiel 33).

As a closing aside, do a little Bible study and look up how many times the Apostle Paul dealt with wolves or the fallout from wolves.  Further, look for how many times the Scriptures (Old Testament and New Testament) confront false teachers and false prophets.  Note how many times God sent a truth-teller to confront those who were “telling the people ‘Peace! Peace!’ when there is NO PEACE!” (Jeremiah 6:14)  Lastly, walk with Jesus through Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and watch how often and confrontationally He dealt with wolves… who were ALWAYS dressed in sheep’s clothing.

Friends… BEWARE the Wolves!

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  1. Christine Tyszka

    Hi Pastor Jeff,

    I see some of my friends posting videos of mother Mary statues supposively coming to life as a miracle. As I watch these videos I see thousands of people crowding and worshiping these statues, most specifically in India. This absolutely breaks my heart. Jesus is not about bringing statues to life! He takes people already dead in their sins and gives them new life. I would love to see an article addressing this worship of statues of the mother Mary and why it is just wrong.

    • Jeff Pearson

      Hi Christine,
      Thank you for the observation and topic suggestion… In our context (and many other Catholic strong holds), the hopeless heresy of statue/icon worship (conducted by those historically known as “iconoclasts”), is a devilish deviation and ferociously false expression of Christian faith. Together, let’s stay in prayer for those who are being deceived in this way.
      As for my posts, I cannot tell you when I will tackle that topic (the Lord leads and feeds that process 🙂 In the meantime, I am attaching a couple of YouTube links that I pray will help you to help others. The first is a six and a half minute “Q & A” on the specific issue of “praying to Mary.” The second is a 45 minute message on the broader perils of Catholicism’s foundational lies and false gospel(s).
      BE ready! ( 6 min.) (45 min.)


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