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What’s a Hypocrite To Do?



Churchy hypocrites do a lot of churchy stuff.  Truth be known, most spiritual “goats” have the best sheep resumes in the church.  

It seems crazy when you think about it but those who don’t really love God often work the hardest to make it look as though they do.  As if that’s not tenuous enough, a good number of these “do-er goats” are actually just wolves in training.  Many a wolf has cut their teeth on the hierarchical ladder of many unhealthy church power-grids.  

You know what I’m talking about… those “inner-circles” of informally influential instigators that tend to serve as gate-keepers within the cliquish church.  These are the folks that work back room deals to construct hand-picked, gossip-laden committees that corrupt the culture of a church.   The tragic irony is that these religious rebels are typically elevated and applauded for effectively spreading the cancer that eats away at the very body they claim (and appear) to serve.  

Hypocritical do-ers have done so much harm…   

Friends, we need to help people (inside and outside the Church) come to realize that our mission is simple and straight forward.  The Church is to bring glory to God by living out the Great Commandments and the Great Commission  (Mark 12:30-31  and  Matthew 28:18-20  /  Acts 1:8).  

The point of this post (and the inherent difference between spiritual sheep and spiritual goats) is that true Christianity is about “BE-ing” and not “doing.”  

Every other religion in the world (to include pseudo-Christianity) tells its adherents “DO” – so that God will accept you.  True Christianity says: “DONE” – what Christ accomplished on the cross has settled the sin debt of every soul that believes and receives Christ’s GIFT of grace through faith (Ephesians 2:8-9). 

Again, in tragic irony, those who trust in their resumes of “doing” have no hope or basis for salvation (Isaiah 64:6).  At the same time, those who have truly been captured by grace will joyfully do the work that their BE-ing begets (Ephesians 2:10).

In closing, I like to say it this way:

You can DO and NOT be…

But you cannot BE without doing.

Are you “doing” or BE-ing?

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