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How Do You Know If You’ve Found God

Look at all aspects of Miracle in That aint church

Let me ask you three (3) simple and direct questions…  Or, if you’re reading this because you’ve got a goat-ministry, I’d encourage you to ask those in your mission field: 

Q1: Why should God let you into His perfect heaven?

Q2: Why would God let you into His perfect heaven?

Q3: Who could be let into God’s perfect heaven?

While we could come at this issue from countless directions, I think these (3) questions create a platform from which we can easily see the difference between “goats” and “sheep.”  

Friend, I ask you to be honest with yourself as we walk through these…  Let’s address the most foundational contrasts that these questions reveal between sheep and goats.

First, in question 1, if your answer begins with any positive “I” statements, there is a strong likelihood that you do not yet understand the true gospel.  In short, none of us are worthy of entrance into heaven on our own accord.  Moreover, it is God’s mercy that is doled out to us in response to what He “should” do to us…   

Sheep, by contrast, recognize that the only right answer to question 1 is:  God shouldn’t let me into His perfect heaven… I am unworthy.

Second, in question 2, if you hold to the idea that, in regards to either question 1 or 2, you’re basically a good person, or that you’ve done a lot of good in your life, (or perhaps you’re more modest and believe that while far from perfect, the “scales of good and bad” will ultimately tip in your favor – be it ever so slightly)…  once again, there appears to be a profound misunderstanding of the gospel… (see Romans 3:23  &  Romans 6:23).

Sheep, by contrast, have learned & loved the gospel truth that they have been “saved by grace thru faith, not of any works of their own” (so as to prevent them from becoming puffed-up and self-righteous).  At the same time, sheep thankfully acknowledge that they have been saved to serve… not by their works but for God’s works… (see Ephesians 2:8-10).

Finally, to close out, at this point question 3 has been answered through our proper addressing of questions 1 and 2.  The only true adopted children of God that can enter heaven are those who have received the MIRACLE of saving grace, through miraculous faith, in the One and only Messiah, Jesus the Christ, evidenced by God’s indwelling Spirit and the overflowing fruit of a life lived on Mission.

Amen.  God has invited ALL goats over to the sheep’s pen.

Will you come?

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